We Heart Work ~ 11.15

In which we learn what roles will be in growth mode over the next few years and discover the hands down creepiest name for a dating app.

Morno! As the Aussies say…

As Covid-19 continues to harsh our collective vibe I’m writing this from an outdoor cafe bandana in place between sips of my iced tea.

Man do I miss the before times.

This week’s hot take 🔥

I’ve been “remote” for almost 15 years, from my first little eBay business in college which was operated from my dorm room and whichever cafes in Reno, Nevada had free WiFi in 2005.

Now, in 2020, a large chunk of the professional world has gone remote. Some just for the time being, but a growing number of workers are probably never going to go back to full-time in-office.

There’s been lots of talk about what professions are going the way of the dinosaur (truck drivers with automation, service industry with delivery and self-service) but which roles will increase in demand over the next decade?

So I asked Twitter and a few Slack groups.

*the full thread is here.

The responses were less varied than I expected. Here’s a rough breakdown of what a few dozen entrepreneurs and leaders in the remote-space think:

  1. Remote Operations: from making sure remote employees feel connected, to recruiting and traditional HR functions, to helping companies navigate what the people operations side of a business looks like when humans are spread across various time-zones and not in-office.

  2. Product: specifically full-stack product engineers and an increasing need for PMs

  3. Customer support: everyone from corporate users of a SaaS platform to me buying a candle from an ad on Instagram are consuming products online, that means an increase of questions, things going wrong, and the desire to speak (or chat) to a real person on the other side.

  4. Cybersecurity: a no-brainer, more people working online means more opportunities for a variety of cybercrimes to be committed.

The Takeaway 🤔

There are a variety of boot camps and online platforms where individuals learn to code or get trained on how to be a product manager. Customer support companies, from call-centers in Manila, to fully distributed platforms have serviced large firms for decades, and the people who worked there were working from home before it was “cool”.

The two opportunity zones seem to be in the increased demand for cybersecurity and remote operations. Both disciplines are intertwined.

  • You can’t operate partially or fully remote without solid cybersecurity protocols and experts.

  • Your IT or cybersecurity team won’t succeed if they’re in a company with a willy-nilly operational infrastructure that has adjusted to remote work.

I’m betting in the next year or so we see a cottage industry crop up around training, supporting, and expanding both remote operations and cybersecurity aimed at remote-friendly companies.

Remote-friendly job openings 💸

Flock Safety is a startup on a mission to help solve nonviolent crimes by leveraging it’s solar-powered camera systems that read license plates and car details. Investors are picking up what they’re putting down—as they just raised $47 million in Series C funding. They’ve got 6 roles that are remote-friendly listed on their career page, from Recruiters to Market Managers and Sales.

  • Hiring for recruiters, market managers, and sales reps - here.

Prefer to “build the future of health data liquidity” 🤔 If so there are several juicy remote-friendly roles open at Human API, a company that also just raised a nice round of investment.

  • Hiring for a Chief of Staff, Director of Rev Operations and a smattering of customer success and engineering roles—see the full list here.

Tired of venture-capital-fueled “go big or go home!” startups? Then consider Juama, a global-dating app, run lean and profitability by two “social entrepreneurs”. Granted, it looks like they are in the middle of a rebrand (since their career page calls themselves Joyride which is probably one of the worst names for a dating app, ever) but regardless, we like their energy:

Our company is independent, bootstrapped, and operated by just the two founders. We're not a start-up anymore, and we have proven that we built a sustainable business in a fast-growing, competitive, and profitable sector.

Want access to a list of hundreds of remote-friendly job openings and companies actively hiring now? Check out Going Remote’s expanding and up-to-date database of opportunities here.

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