Open job postings are still bananas... and Google is angering employees with a hypocritical WFH policy

Week 28 of 2021

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Google’s remote working policies anger employees. 

The company's opaque policies regarding remote work had already frustrated employees. But in what some consider special treatment, a senior executive announced he would be moving to New Zealand.

U.S. employers posted a record number of job openings in April as the economy reopened at breakneck speed.

Job openings increased 12% from March's 8.3 million.

In June, the number of workers unemployed for at least a year grew by 248,000, reaching 2.9 million. 

What's New

Before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced fully vaccinated individuals could forgo masks in most settings, 51% of U.S. workers said they worked remotely during the pandemic in April. However, this varied significantly by occupation, with white-collar workers making up 72% and blue-collar workers 14%.

Among occupations with a high proportion of remote workers, the desire to retry remote work varies based on an individual's preferences. 

If given a chance, 35 percent of full-time employees would prefer to work remotely whenever possible. Meanwhile, 17% would rather go back to the office, while the remaining 48% do not work remotely.

The acceptance of remote work varies across fields:

  • Computer and mathematical occupations (54%)

  • Life sciences and art (45%)

  • Accounting, real estate, and consulting (41%)

  • Legal fields (38%)

  • Architecture and engineering (33%)

  • Clerical or office admin (32%)

  • Community or social services (31%)

  • Education, training, or library roles (20%)

  • Sales (20%)

  • Healthcare (18%)

Roughly 50% of employees in some occupations predominantly work from home out of concern for Coronavirus.

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Money Talks

Wellness company raises millions of dollars in funding.

A Series C funding round of $80 million has been closed for Arianna Huffington's Thrive Global, founded nearly five years ago. 

According to Bloomberg, Kleiner's Mamoon Hamid invested in Thrive because he believes the company could IPO in the future. Huffington reports that the company is open to being acquired. 

Learn how venture capitalists make money 

According to John Gannon, the man behind Venture Capital Newsletter And VC Jobs, there are three things to venture capital success: salary, bonuses, and carried interest (better known as “carry”).

But as with anything else in the financial world, there are exceptions to these rules. Read all about them on Gannon’s blog post here.


A 27-year-old Amazon job posting tells Jeff Bezos' story of obsession with speed. 

Almost three decades ago, soon-to-step-down Amazon leader Bezos posted the company’s first-ever job ad. One line that stands out? 

“You must have experience designing and building large and complex (yet maintainable) systems, and you should be able to do so in about one-third the time that most competent people think possible.”

Read the Business Insider article on the matter here.


It used to be a job. Now it's a business.

Doug Wright once earned $1.28 an hour as a McDonald's employee but now owns 20 successful franchises.

Keeping his eye on the prize, he’s now planning steps to open more locations.

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